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It has become evident to members of the Kane County Justice Community that people are not getting the help they need with their substance abuse.

A Way Out Kane County started in 2019 and its intent is to address the rise of opioid deaths and addiction in our community. Through collaboration between the Kane County Sheriff’s Department, Kane County Coroner’s Office, States Attorney, Judges, and many treatment centers in the region we formed A Way Out Kane County.

A Way Out Kane County is a way to help people who have an addiction to any substance Opioid, Alcohol, Cocaine, Cannabis, Etc. get the help they need and deserve without prosecution.

A Way Out Kane County’s mission is to give our community a way to get connected with treatment and remove the stigma from addiction. By working closer with our participating police departments, government officials and treatment providers we strive to help every person who needs A Way Out of their addiction.

We strive to keep people with substance abuse problems out of the criminal justice system and get them into treatment. Instead of arresting users or just reversing overdoses, A Way Out Kane County will work to connect them to treatment that can end the cycle of drug use and overdoses.


Call Us: (630) 232-8400
Text Us: AWAYOUT and your information to 847411