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How The Program Works

A Way Out Kane County offers substance abuse assessment 24/7 to anyone in Kane County that wishes to seek recovery. We have partnered with addiction specialists and treatment centers to ensure that our citizens receive the care and treatment they deserve — not in days or weeks, but immediately.

Appropriate inpatient or outpatient referral and placement are determined by assessment and based on availability. All a participant needs to do is follow these steps:

  1. Walk through the main doors of any of the participating police departments.
  2. Tell the clerk at the reception window that you are here to participate in A Way Out Kane County. If you are seeking help after open lobby hours, use the call box on the wall and tell dispatch you want to participate in A Way Out - Kane County.
  3. The police department representative will meet with you and take you and/or your loved ones through the on-boarding process, which includes contacting the Treatment Liaison Coordinator, filling out a waiver and program forms.*If you are in possession of any illegal or legal drugs or drug paraphernalia, the representative will take them from you. You will not be arrested or charged for any drugs or drug paraphernalia turned over.*Warrants - In many cases involving active warrants, the Law Enforcement Agency will look into your case and determine the appropriate course of action. Please be advised, however, that the appropriate course of action may be to serve the warrant.
  4. A) If the Treatment Liaison Coordinator determines you do not require immediate medical attention you will be assessed for your treatment needs.B) If you are going through acute withdrawal or suffering a medical condition that requires immediate medical assistance, you will be transported to the nearest hospital and the screening process will begin when you are stabilized.
  5. The assessment of your treatment needs will include a history of your use as well as current medical, social and emotional issues which may impact your recovery. You may be referred to inpatient, outpatient or community based treatment options. This program uses treatment services throughout Illinois and placement in Kane County is not guaranteed. Family and friends are the best transportation but other options are also available.
  6. If you are unable to pay for treatment due to lack of insurance or financial resources, you will not be turned away from participation. A Way Out Kane County works with providers that are able to accept a number of different insurance plans and accommodate those without insurance.


Police Officers - Our Police Officers have received specialized training in responding to people who have a substance abuse issue. In addition Police Officers know exactly what to do to render assistance during an opioid overdose and use naloxone to reverse the opioid overdoses.

Treatment Liaison Coordinator

The Treatment Liaison Coordinator is part of the Kane County Behavioral Health staff. This is the individual that will conduct your initial assessment and search for the applicable program or placement.

A Way Out Navigator

The navigator works with individuals in the program and continues to work with them even if they change their mind about treatment. Unfortunately, there are times when there is no availability in the appropriate treatment and the navigator will work with you for both community support and placement to treatment when it becomes available

Peer Recovery Advocate – Are people recovering recovering from their addiction, that are clean and sober, that have volunteered their time to assist program participants with the moral support and motivation based on their similar experiences and circumstances.