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We are looking for volunteers that include Peer Recovery Advocates and Peer Recovery Transporters.

Volunteers must have:

A valid driver’s license and insurance

Clean, sober and willing to help people struggling with addiction

Agree to a background check

Agree to do a training day which would involve becoming CPR and Narcan certified.

Peer Recovery Advocate – Choosing to serve others within the addiction community as a recovery advocate is a fantastic way to share your story and help others overcome addiction. Your personal experience with addiction and recovery makes you a highly qualified individual and you are uniquely equipped to help others who are suffering from addiction because you’ve been there too.

Peer Recovery Transporters –As the name suggests the transporter will assist with providing transportation to and from appointments, treatment and meetings.

“The benefits of volunteering in addiction recovery are endless. Helping others is a prominent theme in a life of sobriety and recovery.”


Call Us: (630) 232-8400
Text Us: AWAYOUT and your information to 847411